Self Storage Units & Spaces in Manchester, UK

Manchester is a city in England, and also a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester. The population of Manchester is 545,500. The majority of these residents sooner or later will need the additional space to store their belongings. There are more than 30 Self-Storage companies in Manchester so everyone will find a suitable space to rent. There are also three universities in Manchester. The students attending the universities will need space to store they belongings between terms and until the next academic year.

Rent a self-storage when you remove your house and you need additional space or when you own too many clothes, books, furniture but you don’t want to throw them away.

Remember to check if the company will include everything in their pricing or if there are some hidden charges like booking fee or deposit.

Choose the self-storage in Manchester from the list below and support local business.

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    Compare Self-Storage Companies in Manchester

    In Manchester and in 20 miles from the city there are almost 50 Self-Storage facilities. So you have plenty of companies to choose from. On the list above, you will find details of the companies we cooperate with so just simply click on the photo and read more about the company’s story, contact details and many more.

    What to look for when considering a self-storage in Manchester?

    1. Location

    Manchester has a problem with traffic jams and traffic, so make sure that you checked exactly where the location of the Self-Storage is. Think about the time you can sacrifice to travel to your renting unit. Do you own a care or do you use a public transport? The area of Manchester is exactly 44.6 sq mi (115.6 km2) so the location is significant if you want to save your time.
    The closer the renting unit, the easier access to your belongings.

    2. Security

    Security is a very important factor to check. You need to be sure that your belongings are safe and secure.
    You need to provide your own lock and the key. Make sure that you have bought the best one.
    Also, some companies demand insurance. You can either buy an insurance policy from the Self-Storage company or you can provide your own insurance. In any case, the insurance is obligatory if you want to be sure that your belongings are safe and secure.

    3. Size

    Self-Storage Units have various sizes, for example:

    • 10 sq ft unit
    • 15 sq ft unit
    • 20 sq ft unit
    • 25 sq ft unit
    • 125 sq ft unit
    • 150 sq ft unit
    • 320 sq ft unit

    And many more various sizes according to your needs and size of your belongings.

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