Self Storage Units & Spaces in Edinburgh, Scotland

Self-storage units are an affordable option for people with budget constraints or people who live in small places. Self-storage companies hold your belongings in rented spaces. These are usually different sized rooms with racks, shelves and safes with climate control. They also offer outside storage. Some may offer trailers to move your things but be prepared to pack, move and store them yourself. Most of these facilities allow their clients to visit at any time without an appointment. You can also choose the location of your unit such as higher, lower, in the middle of the aisle.

Types of self-storage facilities in Edinburgh

Diverse types of storage facilities are available to suit unique needs. These are as follows:

Outdoor storage is usually affordable as no climate control is required. There is 24 x 7 x 365 days security but your items should be able to withstand the elements. If your items are sensitive to heat, cold, moisture and dust then think of indoor options.

Indoors storage are usually large warehouses or multi-storeyed buildings. These warehouses or buildings may have climate control facilities. The storage will vary in size and you can choose them as per your requirement. These buildings and your storage unit are accessible by a passcode on a swipe key card. These facilities are ideal for furniture, paintings, wood and plastic items, etc.
Business storage units are available to keep older files or spare furniture and declutter your office.

List of Self-Storage facilities in Edinburgh

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    Climate controlled storage

    is ideal for delicate items like musical instruments, photographs, electronics, computers, wooden items, antiques, etc.
    Ambient conditions are maintained to prevent:

    • yellowing, rusting and corrosion
    • mould, mildew and bacterial growth
    • attack of vermin such as rats, bugs and other infestation
    • cracking, warping and splitting

    Aquatic equipment storage units can be as large as 200 square feet to accommodate boats, water sports equipment, etc. They have suitable storage facilities such as pulleys.
    RV storage is ideal for your recreational vehicle when not on the road. These large storage units can hold all your recreational and road trip equipment too.
    Car and Truck storage is ideal when you are going out of the country and need someone to watch your wheels.

    How to store your things

    Follow these guidelines to ensure safe storage:

    • Use good quality boxes
    • Pack the things completely with no chance of the box splitting or collapsing. This will prevent your things from spilling.
    • Place a protective barrier between your box and the floor of your unit
    • Leave space for ventilation underneath and on the sides
    • Wipe all the appliances dry before storing them. Drain them of liquids such as refrigerants etc.
    • Place the items you will not need at the rear of the unit and the ones required frequently close to the front for easy access.
    • Keep the most valuable items in the rear of the unit.
    • Store heavier items at the bottom and lighter above them.
    • Insert a shelf in your unit to maximize the storage space.
    • Use your own lock to ensure only you have access to your unit.
    • Visit your unit periodically to check the condition of the unit and your possessions.
    • Ensure all these factors are covered while looking for self-storage in Edinburgh.

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