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What is Self Storage?
These are mini storage facilities or self-service storage facilities where spaces are rented out to clients. These spaces may be containers, lockers, rooms and outdoor spaces where the clients store their belongings. These storage units are rented out on a monthly or annual basis.
Storage industry experts refer to 4Ds of life that result in the need for storage space. These 4Ds are Divorce, Death, Dislocation and Downsizing. Self-storage facilities are used by individuals and corporations to store their household goods or inventories.

Besides storage space, some storage facilities offer boxes, mover trucks, locks, packaging supplies to bring in and store the items. The correct packaging materials and ambience are offered to store these items. For example – important documents may be stored in secure boxes or safes in a humidity controlled room. Similarly, they offer cool dry rooms for wines. Cars are parked in facilities where they are protected from animal droppings, vermin like rats, moisture and dust.

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    What to expect from a Self Storage Space in Glasgow?

    Most facilities offer easy access to your rented space. Each customer may have their own pin number to access the unit and premises. These are usually checked at the security gate. The renter can use their own lock to secure their space, ensuring peace of mind. No one else has access to the renter’s property. They can access the rented space 24 x 7 x 365 days. The premise is enclosed in a security fence and is under 24-hour surveillance by CCTV. Some facilities also offer insurance against damage and theft.

    A monthly rent is charged against the unit size. These may be 1/4 of the standard garage which is about 2.4 x 2 meters in area to a shipping container which is 3 x 8 meters in area. The rent may vary from place to place according to the facilities offered. The rates also change according to the type of storage unit. There are several types of storage facilities such as outdoor storage, business storage units, climate controlled units, boat storage, RV storage, truck and car storage units. You can read more about Glasgow Storage facilities on our blog.

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    Most storage facilities in Glasgow, offer a free 1-month trial! The companies offer similar services as described above, but it is always prudent to compare prices, services and reviews. After all, you are putting your property in their care.

    Security tips for a Self Storage space

    Search for a facility with layers of protection – such as a secure location, a secure perimeter with a strong gate as the initial layer. Then ensure they have the dependable personnel to curb any shenanigans by hooligans and electronic key codes that record exit and entry. The next layer of security would be video surveillance at all hours and record keeping. These are helpful in apprehending the intruders in case of a theft.

      • Regular maintenance – The area should be clean and well maintained according to the safe storage norms.
      • Heed the safety norms – Do not put these items in storage unless they have the right facilities to control the hazards.
      • Vehicles and tires
      • Hazardous and toxic chemicals that may leak
      • Combustible and flammable materials
      • Medical supplies and equipment
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Equipment for drilling and construction
      • Animal products
      • Perishable items
      • Miscellaneous Prohibited Items.
      • Please discuss these with the owner of the facility.

    While looking for a storage space in Glasgow, ensure all the conditions required for the storage of these materials are met with for the well-being and security of everyone.

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