Self Storage Units & Spaces in Nottingham, UK

Nottingham is a city in England in the area of Nottinghamshire with the population of 321,500. The residents of Nottingham and nearest towns, very often use Self-Storage facilities to store their belongings.
There are famous Universities in Nottingham; Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham. That’s why a lot of students need extra space to store the belongings between terms. When a student finishes the academic term and moves back home, the additional space is needed to temporarily store the possessions until the next academic year.

If you live in Nottingham or in the nearest town, and you wonder where you can keep your additional belongings, the solution is simple – rent a Self-Storage in Nottingham and enjoy more free space at your house.
Below, we present a list of the facilities in Nottingham. Check out and choose the one for you!.

list of Self-Storage companies in Nottingham

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    Compare Self-Storage Companies in Nottingham

    When looking for more space to store your belongings, rent a unit in Nottingham.
    But first, compare the companies we present and choose the one located close to you.
    If you live next to Nottingham, for example in West Bridgford or Derby, also consider renting a Self-Storage in Nottingham.

    What to look for before renting extra space in Nottingham?

    1. Location

    The Nottingham area has 74.61 km2 (28.81 sq mi), and there are more than 30 self-storage companies in the city. Check which company is nearest to your house. The closer the renting unit, the easier the access to your belongings.

    2. Security

    Remember to check if the self-storage unit you would like to rent is safe and secure. However, sometimes you need to have your own lock and key so make sure you buy the best one.

    3. Size

    The units have various sizes, for example:

    • 10 sq ft unit
    • 15 sq ft unit
    • 20 sq ft unit
    • 25 sq ft unit

    And many more various sizes according to your needs and size of your belongings.

    How to begin

    First, read the our guide and check out the list of the self-storage companies in Nottingham.
    Second, choose the company suited your needs and which is close to your house.
    Then, check the restrictions and guides about how to pack your belongings in order to keep them safe.
    Next, choose the type of the unit, whether you need an indoor, an outdoor, a climate controlled or a student space. Also, choose the size of the unit and check the list of things you can and can’t keep in there. Make sure that you prepare the possessions in a proper way.

    Above you will find an overview of the Self-Storage Companies in Nottingham.
    Our search will make your choice easier.

    Questions? We’re here to help!

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