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How To Start a Self-Storage Business in 10 Steps? 

 A self-storage business makes it easy for people to store their individual belongings without the trouble and mess of keeping things at home. These companies also cater to other firms who need room space for things like office equipment, furniture, and more.


If you want to start a self-storage business, here are 10 steps to follow.

  1. Know if there are enough storage facilities in your area or not

Figuring out if there are enough storage facilities in your area is crucial. If there are a lot of storage companies in your area, you might not get enough business. On the other hand, there will be a lot of competition if there are not enough storage facilities in your area. Step No. 1 is to know if there is a demand for storage facilities in your area.


  1. Acquire funding

You need to have enough money to start your business. It is always best to have a little extra since unexpected things may happen. You can get funding from a bank, from friends and family, and from investors. If you think you can get funding, don’t forget to come up with a business plan. This will help the person who will look into your loan request to understand your business plan and how you plan to make money. If you are able to convince the person who will give you funding, it will be easy for you to get the money. You can also win your money by trying the lottery 🙂 

  1. Select a location

If you are starting a self-storage business, you have to find a location that is accessible and visible to people in the area. You have to put the location near public roads or highways. This will make it easy for people to find your business. You can also put up a sign outside your unit so that people will know where your business is located.

Make it easy for people to find your business online. You can add your business to major search engines and directories. This is to make it easier for people who do not know about your business yet to find you online.

  1. Create a website

A website is one of the important tools that you need to use to promote your self-storage business. You can put up pictures of your unit and information about your services and your contact information on your website. Make sure that your website has an easy-to-remember domain name so that people can easily find your website when they search online.

  1. Start advertising

Once you have established your website, you have to start marketing your self-storage business. You can start advertising on print media like magazines and newspapers and on billboards so that people will know about your business and what it offers. The more people know about your business, the higher the chance that they will start using your services and paying the rent for the storage unit that you offer.

  1. Create storage units

If you want to start a self-storage business, creating units where people can store their belongings is important. The best way to do this is to make sure that the units are clean and safe for the items that will be stored inside them. It is also necessary to have security features like cameras and security locks at the entrance of the units so that people will feel safe in storing their items inside your unit and so that no one will be able to steal from the unit.

  1. Designate spaces for each unit

You have to make sure that you designate spaces for each storage unit that you have created so that when people rent the unit, they will know where they are putting their stuff inside it. This will also help you keep track of the things inside each unit and will also make it easier for people who rent storage units from you to know where they should put their items inside the unit that they rented from you. The spaces should also be big enough for people who are renting storage units from you to store their items easily without having any problems with getting things inside it or even getting things out of it after storing items inside it for a long time.

  1. Put up advertisement near each storage unit

You have to make sure that people who come inside your facility will know where each storage unit is located inside the facility so that they can easily find their rented unit even if they have never been inside the facility before. Putting up advertisements near each unit will help them find their rented unit easily even if they have never been inside the facility before. 


  1. Maintain your facility

It is very important that you maintain your facility in good condition so that it will look good and appealing as a self-storage facility. Your facility should be clean and free from clutter so that visitors will feel good about your facility and even about what you offer as a self-storage business. Regularly cleaning the facility and making sure that it is high quality will help keep customers coming back to use your services and will help convince other people to use your services as well.

  1. Make sure that everything is legal

It is very important that you make sure that everything that you do as a self-storage business owner is legal or else you may end up paying fines or even worse, ending up in jail because of violating the law as a self-storage business owner. Make sure that all your agreements with customers are legal and all contracts are legitimate before signing them with customers.


If you are interested to know about self-storage, you can search for it on the internet. There are a lot of self-storage business examples that you can learn from. If you are ready to start your self-storage business, you should think about all of the things that you need to do first. These things may include the type of storage you can use, the location of your storage, how you can advertise your business, and many other important things to consider before you start your self-storage business.

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How to Find The Perfect Storage Solution For You!

Finding a reliable storage solution is no simple task, there is a wide range of options out there making it very complicated to decide which option is best for you.  Once when you decide on the perfect storage solution you must decide which company you’re going to put your trust in. Luckily this is where we are here to help, we aim to equip you required knowledge to find the best company for your every need. 

What Is self-storage? 

Suitable for both domestic and commercial needs, self-storage offers a reliable solution allowing you to still have full access to all of the possessions you choose to keep within the storage. This storage solution commonly consists of renting a large steel storage container where you can store your possessions. These steel containers can dramatically vary on size and can be found as large as 20ft in length. Most self-storage sites offer 24 access to your possessions meaning you can get hold of all your possessions kept in storage at a time of the day which is ideal for you. This ensures that you never left without your possessions when you need them most. 

What Is Residential Storage? 

Whether your in-between house moves or you are simply looking to free up some of the clutter found within your home, the residential storage solution is the perfect solution for you. Residential storage is most commonly a secure indoor facility where your items can be kept dry and safe at all times. No matter if you looking to store an old mattress or just some sportswear you can have the total peace of mind that your possessions will come out of storage in the same condition as you left them in. If your looking for a cost-effective storage solution for your possessions a residential storage solution will most likely be the best option for you.  

How To Decide On A Storage Company? 

Deciding which solution is perfect for you is only half the problem, now its time to decide which company to use. The fact is that there are hundreds of companies up and down the country that offer a reliable storage solution making it difficult to chose one over the other. In this section, we are going to provide you with some of the main questions you may want to ask yourself before choosing a company. 

What Is The Companies Reputation? 

The reputation of a company is one of the most important factors that you should look into prior to giving them a call. Take your time and do this research properly as you don’t want any unexpected surprises when arriving to pick up your possessions after the time spent in storage. A great resource for looking into a company’s reputation is by looking them up on google and taking a look at the previous reviews left. This will most likely be an unfiltered view of what previous customers experienced when inquiring with the company. Don’t just read the good, take a read of some of the negative reviews as well to help you decide if the companies right for you. 

Is The Company Local To Your Home? 

You wouldn’t choose to sign up for a gym located on the other side of the city so why would it be any different when finding a storage company? For example, if you’re looking for Storage in Newcastle make sure you actually find a business with facilities within Newcastle, if you chose a storage company located in a nearby city it may become a nuisance getting hold of your possessions.  A companies locality and reputation are the two most important factors you should look into prior to giving them a call.

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Thinking Outside Of The Box – Items You Should Never Put Into Storage

Whether you’re moving house or just looking to clear some space in your home, self-storage facilities are a great way to keep your belongings safe. Although self-storage is a great solution for your furniture and other household items, there are a few things that should be kept away for legal, hygiene and just plain common sense reasons.  We’ve put together our guide to things that should never be kept in your self-storage unit.

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