Here are the Surprising Ways that Self Storage Could Help You to Sell Your House

Here are the Surprising Ways that Self Storage Could Help You to Sell Your House

Selling property can be a long and laborious process – and it’s not one that should ever be taken lightly either. Did you know that selling property has been names as one of – if not the – most stressful part of modern life today? Those that don’t know what they’re talking about might say we don’t have enough to worry about, but those in the know, know exactly how hard it can be selling a house.

However, there are always ways of helping to sell your property, and more quickly at that. One of the lesser-known of these is the ways in which self-storage can help to make a property more appealing to potential buyers.

Today, we’re going to be revealing the surprising ways in which self-storage can help you to sell the property.

Properly Staging a Property

Before showing you any we buy any house reviews and facts, professionals will tell you one thing: that clutter can prevent you from selling your house quickly, and for its worthy value.

That might sound extreme, but it’s true in a quite literal capacity. Clutter is well known as being one of the most off-putting things for a potential buyer, for more reasons that one.

For starters, it makes a room look messy. The clutter itself might not actually be in the middle of the floor, but if it’s cluttering up shelves, it is piled up in the corner of a room or is even just in a box, potential buyers and their eagle eyes will be the first to notice.

Secondly, a messy – or cluttered – room automatically looks smaller. Ask any estate agent and they’ll tell you that the most sellable properties boast space, even if they don’t technically have the square footage. A well cleared and decluttered room will optimize the space available, and will automatically give the illusion of the room being bigger.

“But what does this have to do with self-storage?” you might be wondering. Well, as you’re likely aware, not all of us are blessed with a lot of storage space within our homes. This actually tends to be a lot of the reason why smaller properties become cluttered. If you have a self-storage unit, then you can move all of the things and furnishings which are cluttering your property and making it look smaller into it throughout the entire viewing process. Problem solved!

Keeping the Property Appearing and Smelling Clean

We know that cleaning the house isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time (is it anyone’s?), and with a family, in tow, it can sometimes feel like keeping the house tidy is nigh on an impossible task. The dog rubs its shedding fur all over the sofa, the kids run through the house with dirty shoes, and you’re sat wondering how you’re ever going to sell the clean and perfect home that buyers so desire.

Well, not only does putting your clutter in a self-storage space make the place look better and tidier (and cleaner), but it’s also going to make it smell better too.

If you have pets and a family as we mentioned, you’ll know all too well how much stuff they accumulate. Old football trainers and pet beds, even when out of the way, can cause a slightly unpleasant odor in the home – and you can bet that viewers will notice it straight away. Eliminate the possibility of it altogether, by putting your clutter – particularly the stuff that could be at risk of getting a bit smelly – into a self-storage unit, away from home.

You Make the Most of Every Room

If you’ve got a spare bedroom or a dining room that only gets used on special occasions such as Christmas, then you’ll know all too well that these rooms automatically become storage spaces.

Now, this is fine if no one is looking in them – but you can bet that when people are viewing the property, they’ll want to look in every room, and we mean every room. They aren’t really going to get the full idea of how a room can be if it’s full of pointless items, are they? Again, self-storage is the perfect solution!

Garden Junk is a No

Last of all, but by no means least, garden junk is a huge no when selling property.

First impressions count, and if your front garden is full of old gardening debris, then buyers aren’t going to assume nice about the inside of the house. This is referred to as “curb appeal”.

Of course, you can’t put all of your gardening things into the house, and if you don’t have a shed, this leaves you with no other options…except for self-storage!

Self-storage, saving the property market. Who’d have thought it?

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