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There are 5 Self-Storage companies in Inverness. It’s amazingly useful solution for everyone who needs extra space to store the belongings. The units have been used especially during the removals and renovations. It’s also a great solution when someone travels abroad and needs to temporarily keep the possessions in a safe and secured place.
Self-storage facility can be rented for a shorter or longer time, depending on the company’s restrictions.

This type of business develops in Scotland and every year more and more residents rent the units and containers.
On the list below we present the Self-Storage companies from Inverness. We cooperate with local companies and we encourage you to support the local business.

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    Considering the Self-Storage companies, you need to check:


    It depends on how far you are willing to travel to the renting unit. If you don’t need daily access to your belongings, the location is less important. However, if you prefer to have unlimited access, choose the company located close to your neighborhood. Remember to check the working hours of the company.


    Make sure that the company and the units are properly secured and monitored. The best is the CCTV security system. Also, some companies demand the key and the lock from the renter, others provide their own locks.

    Additional costs

    The insurance is required. You can either buy an insurance policy from the Self-Storage company or you can provide your own insurance from the insurance company. In any case, the insurance is obligatory if you want to be sure that your belongings are safe and secure. Find out if the company demand a deposit and booking fee.

    What belongings you can’t keep in self-storage?

    • Food
    • Animals
    • Weapons and guns
    • Toxic materials
    • Explosive materials
    • Chemicals
    • Plants

    What belongings you can keep?

    • Furniture
    • Clothes
    • Books
    • Boxes
    • Electronic
    • Music Instruments
    • Home Appliances

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