How Much Does Self-Storage in London Cost You And What Impacts The Price?

How Much Does Self-Storage in London Cost You And What Impacts The Price?

We always need more free space in our houses, aren’t we? Do you agree that de-cluttering space gives a feeling of purification? To achieve this and to clean the area of your house, you need the additional space to store your belongings if you don’t want to throw them away.

No matter if you move into another house but you haven’t found a new one yet and you need a temporary space to store your boxes and furniture. Or if you bought new furniture and you don’t want to throw away the old one but keep them for your kids or for the future.

Maybe you are a student and you study in college or at the university in London and you need a space to store your possessions between terms and during holidays until the next academic year begins? For all these questions, the best answer is – rent a unit and don’t worry anymore. If you need to store your clothes, books or documents, furniture and boxes, but you don’t want to clutter your house or apartment.

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For all these factors and for many more, the perfect solution will be Self-Storage. This article presents the estimated cost of renting premises in the North and the South of London and in central London. Also, we give basic information about Self-Storage space and factors which impact the price of rent a unit.

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  • What is Self-Storage space?

Self-Storage is a unit to rent, most frequently it is a room, container, or a warehouse locked with a hirer lock and key.

You can choose between an indoor, an outdoor, a climate-controlled, business storage, and many more. There are various sizes of the units so remember to think how much space you will need for your belongings. You don’t want a situation where a unit will turn out to be too small and you will be disappointed. There are so many Self-Storage Companies in London so you will surely find a facility close to your location. This article will help you make a decision, compare the prices, and find the local facility suited your needs.

  • Self-Storage in London- What Impacts The Price?

  1. The size

Because of the various sizes of Self-Storage units, there are also various prices of these spaces. It depends on the size of the unit you will rent. If you need to store only boxes of books, clothes, and documents, rent a smaller unit. On the other hand, if you plan to store furniture, electronic devices, or even vehicles, the size of the unit has to be much bigger.

Example sizes of Self-Storage units:

10 sq ft unit                         125 sq ft unit

15 sq ft unit                         160 sq ft unit

20 sq ft unit                         200 sq ft unit

25 sq ft unit                         320 sq ft unit


  1. The renting time

You can rent a unit on a short or long time basis. The length of the term will affect the price. How? For example, if you will rent a unit for 1 month only, it will be more expensive than renting the same unit for 4-5-6 months. Think about how long you need to store your possessions. Whether you plan to travel around the world for a few months or you need a Self-Storage for only a month. It will have an impact on renting time.


  1. Location

It’s very beneficial to have easy access to your unit. Of course, the premise of the outskirts will be cheaper than these close to the city center. So decide whether you prefer to store your belongings close to your house and pay more, or you don’t need daily access and you can rent a unit away from the city center. Do you own a car or will you need to travel by public transport? How far are you willing to travel? Think about all these factors before you will choose a Self-Storage company for you. Check the locations and prices of each company.


  • Self-Storage in London- Prices

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London is the capital of the country so be aware that the costs of renting a Self-Storage in London are higher than in other British cities. Before you choose the company for you, consider all the factors we write about in this article. It will make your decision easier and it can also save you money and time.

Estimate cost of self-storage in the North

Northern Store 50 sq. ft. 75 sq. ft. 100 sq. ft. 150 sq. ft. 200 sq. ft.
1 week £27.44 £35.06 £44.54 £58.31 £69.10
1 month £60.75 £77.63 £98.63 £129.13 £153.00
2 months (8 weeks) £121.50 £155.25 £197.25 £258.25 £306.00
3 months £243.00 £310.50 £394.50 £516.50 £612.00
6 months £607.50 £776.25 £986.25 £1,291.25 £1,530.00
6 months paid up front £601.43 £768.49 £976.39 £1,278.34 £1,514.70
12 months £1,336.50 £1,707.75 £2,169.75 £2,840.75 £3,366.00
12 months paid up
£1,093.50 £1,397.25 £1,775.25 £2,324.25 £2,754.00

Estimate cost of self-storage in the South

Southern Store 50 sq. ft. 75 sq. ft. 100 sq. ft. 150 sq. ft. 200 sq. ft.
1 week £28.68 £35.68 £44.82 £60.12 £75.65
1 month £63.50 £79.00 £99.25 £133.13 £167.50
2 months (8 weeks) £127.00 £158.00 £198.50 £266.25 £335.00
3 months £254.00 £316.00 £397.00 £532.50 £670.00
6 months £635.00 £790.00 £992.50 £1,331.25 £1,675.00
6 months paid up front £628.65 £782.10 £982.58 £1,317.94 £1,658.25
12 months £1,397.00 £1,738.00 £2,183.50 £2,928.75 £3,685.00
12 months paid up front £1,143.00 £1,422.00 £1,786.50 £2,396.25 £3,015.00

Estimate the cost of self-storage in central London

London Store 10 sq. ft. 20 sq. ft. 30 sq. ft. 40 sq. ft. 50 sq. ft.
1 week £17.27 £32.52 £44.37 £56.79 £68.65
1 month £38.25 £72.00 £98.25 £125.75 £152.00
2 months (8 weeks) £76.50 £144.00 £196.50 £251.50 £304.00
3 months £153.00 £288.00 £393.00 £503.00 £608.00
6 months £382.50 £720.00 £982.50 £1,257.50 £1,520.00
6 months paid up front £378.68 £712.80 £972.68 £1,244.93 £1,504.80
12 months £841.50 £1,584.00 £2,161.50 £2,766.50 £3,344.00
12 months paid up front £688.50 £1,296.00 £1,768.50 £2,263.50 £2,736.00

storage prices are based on estimates from Titan Storage Solutions branches


  • Additional costs

  1. Deposit

The majority of the Self-Storage companies require to pay a deposit. The costs vary depends on each company’s restrictions, but some facilities do not demand a deposit at all to rent a unit. Check if the company suited your needs demands a deposit and if yes, make sure how much.

  1. Insurance

Business man in the office fill out insurance policy. To prevent future incidents.

It’s very beneficial to insured your belongings in the facility. You can either buy an insurance policy from the Self-Storage company or you can provide your own insurance. The insurance is obligatory if you want to be sure that in any case, your belongings will be safe and secure.

Some companies will include everything in their pricing while others have hidden charges. Check if the company demand booking fees, alteration or cancellation fees. You don’t want to be disappointed when you will be asked to pay more than you have planned and calculated. Remember to look for affordable and cheap solutions. Now, when you know how much the premises in London cost, you can make the best decision and choose the company suited your needs.


Self storage

To sum up, the Self-Storage Facility is extremely useful and convenient if you need some extra space to store your belongings. In London, this business develops very quickly and more and more companies offer their facilities for the residents of London.
Remember to consider the location, the prices, the size of the unit, and the requirements before you choose where to rent a Self-Storage unit.


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