Self-Storage Prices in London in 2018

Self-Storage Prices in London in 2018

Do you wonder sometimes: ‘ What can I do with all these old clothes, books, and furniture? I don’t have enough space in my house to keep them but I don’t what to throw them away.’? Or do you currently live in London but you plan to travel around the world, and you need a place to temporarily keep all belongings from your current apartment? The good news is, you don’t have to ask your friends or family whether they have any space in their basements to keep your stuff for some time. You can be independent and rent a Self-Storage in London, which will give you the certainty that your belongings are safe and secure. What is more, you can collect them anytime you want, for example when you will be back from your travel or when you will find a new apartment to move in. This solution is very simple and affordable.

‘ Okay, but is it really that easy?’ You will ask. Yes, we promise, it’s very easy. You just have to find a company suited your needs, pack your belongings and enjoy your extra space. This article will help you find out more about Self-Storage companies in London – How much does it cost to rent a unit, what to look for in your research about Self-Storage facilities in London, what belongings you can and cannot keep in the premises, any many more very useful information.

Do you agree that nowadays we own more things than in the past? The business of Self-Storage develops because we need more and more space to keep everything we buy and have. The population of London is more than 8.000.000 of people. Imagine the number of belongings all these people own! Renting premises are extremely beneficial mostly during the removals and renovations when the extra space is needed. Moving a house can be one of the most challenging and stressful experiences in life. You and your family can feel overwhelmed by the number of boxes and all the belongings you need to pack and transport. In such a situation, think about renting a unit to store part of the possession until you will find a new home.

Do not hesitate and read this article to find out how to find affordable extra space in London. Also, If you live in London or in any British city, you can enter your postcode in the search box and get an instant quote and check the company near you. Our team presents the best Self-Storage companies in London.

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How much does it cost to rent a Self-Storage unit in London

We have prepared a price comparison to present the costs of renting premises in the South, in the North, and in Central London. Check out the table below.

Estimate the cost of self-storage in the North

Northern Store 50 sq. ft. 75 sq. ft. 100 sq. ft. 150 sq. ft. 200 sq. ft.
1 week £27.44 £35.06 £44.54 £58.31 £69.10
1 month £60.75 £77.63 £98.63 £129.13 £153.00
2 months (8 weeks) £121.50 £155.25 £197.25 £258.25 £306.00
3 months £243.00 £310.50 £394.50 £516.50 £612.00
6 months £607.50 £776.25 £986.25 £1,291.25 £1,530.00
6 months paid upfront £601.43 £768.49 £976.39 £1,278.34 £1,514.70
12 months £1,336.50 £1,707.75 £2,169.75 £2,840.75 £3,366.00
12 months paid up
£1,093.50 £1,397.25 £1,775.25 £2,324.25 £2,754.00

Estimate the cost of self-storage in the South

Southern Store 50 sq. ft. 75 sq. ft. 100 sq. ft. 150 sq. ft. 200 sq. ft.
1 week £28.68 £35.68 £44.82 £60.12 £75.65
1 month £63.50 £79.00 £99.25 £133.13 £167.50
2 months (8 weeks) £127.00 £158.00 £198.50 £266.25 £335.00
3 months £254.00 £316.00 £397.00 £532.50 £670.00
6 months £635.00 £790.00 £992.50 £1,331.25 £1,675.00
6 months paid upfront £628.65 £782.10 £982.58 £1,317.94 £1,658.25
12 months £1,397.00 £1,738.00 £2,183.50 £2,928.75 £3,685.00
12 months paid upfront £1,143.00 £1,422.00 £1,786.50 £2,396.25 £3,015.00

Estimate the cost of self-storage in central London

London Store 10 sq. ft. 20 sq. ft. 30 sq. ft. 40 sq. ft. 50 sq. ft.
1 week £17.27 £32.52 £44.37 £56.79 £68.65
1 month £38.25 £72.00 £98.25 £125.75 £152.00
2 months (8 weeks) £76.50 £144.00 £196.50 £251.50 £304.00
3 months £153.00 £288.00 £393.00 £503.00 £608.00
6 months £382.50 £720.00 £982.50 £1,257.50 £1,520.00
6 months paid upfront £378.68 £712.80 £972.68 £1,244.93 £1,504.80
12 months £841.50 £1,584.00 £2,161.50 £2,766.50 £3,344.00
12 months paid upfront £688.50 £1,296.00 £1,768.50 £2,263.50 £2,736.00

Storage prices are based on estimates from Titan Storage Solutions branches

How to choose the best Self-Storage company in London

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Firstly, in your research, compare the prices and check how much does it cost to rent a unit in each company in London you consider. Our team has prepared for you the Storage Price Comparison to make your decision easier. You will find the table below.

Also, be aware that some companies have hidden charges. Make sure what is included in the price and check additional costs like deposit, insurance, lock and key, reservation fee, etc.

If you need boxes to pack your belongings, also check if the company provides it for the clients.

Secondly, you need to consider the location of the company. People from London know exactly how traffic jams and distance between places can be overwhelming and problematic. Now, think about how you are going to travel to your renting unit. If you own a car, that won’t be a big problem, but if you use public transport, the closer the renting unit, the better for you. Be aware that companies situated close to central London, have higher prices. Decide if you prefer to pay more for the location. If not, rent a unit in the suburbs. Sometimes it won’t be necessary for you to check your renting unit very often. For example, if you store the old furniture, old documents, etc, you don’t need daily access to the unit.

Next, choose from the various types of the unit. You can rent an indoor, an outdoor, a student, business storage, and many more. What are the differences between those types of premises?

The indoor unit is perfect to store furniture, books, clothes, electronics. Outdoor storage is used to store vehicles and boats.

For this type of belongings that needs controlled temperature, you can also rent a climate-controlled unit. What does it mean? It means that both temperature and humidity control the moisture in the unit using HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

If you are a student, feel free to rent extra space for your student’s belongings. Students’ life is great, isn’t it? We all know that. But we would like to make your life even better and easier. The facilities for students are cheap and very affordable. When you plan to go home for holidays but you don’t want to pay for renting an apartment, you can pack the boxes and rent a unit in the Self-Storage company. Your belongings will be there until you return to London from your holidays.

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What belongings you can’t keep in self-storage?

– Food

– Animals

– Weapons and guns

– Toxic materials

– Explosive materials

– Chemicals

– Plants

What belongings you can keep?

– Furniture

– Clothes

– Books

– Boxes

– Electronic

– Music Instruments

– Home Appliances

Remember to read all the company’s requirements before you prepare your possessions to the unit.
To sum up, if you need extra space, renting self-storage is for you. Compare the prices of renting units in a different part of London and choose the company suited your needs.


Flexible Storage

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