The Best Time of Year to Move – Debunked

The Best Time of Year to Move – Debunked

Moving to a new house is never an easy feat. There are so many variables to consider and every single person’s situation is different, however, you will find common themes across all the seasons when it comes to deciding what time of year to move to a new house.

We have created a guide of all the pros and cons for each season when it comes to moving so you can form a well-rounded opinion for your next move.


Why you should move in Winter

  • Save Money – Far fewer people are moving to a new house during the winter months due to the slower market and cold weather. This means rates are cheaper and you can save money across the board, even when it comes to buying your house.


  • Flexibility – With most removal companies having a less hectic schedule during winter you should be able to take advantage of this when it comes to booking in your own removal, especially if you haven’t got a confirmed completion date.


  • Time & Care – If most removal companies are working on fewer jobs this time of year, it should also help you with any additional requests, such as packing or moving large furniture. Your local removal company in Kent will be more than happy to do this anyway, regardless of the time of year, but it does help when it’s quieter.


Why you should not move in Winter:

  • Poor Weather – Moving in bad weather is no fun for anyone, whether that be the removal company or the homeowner. Although cold, most winters in the UK are mild but there is also a fairly high chance that you could be faced with ice, fog, and even snow, so you need to be prepared.


  • Christmas – The Christmas period itself needs to be organized and thought of, so it may not be wise to plan your move around this. Especially if you are purchasing a number of presents or making other plans, the additional stress can be too much for some people.


Why you should move in Spring:


  • Reasonable Weather – Not too cold and not too hot, spring is a happy medium for many house movers. The sun is usually out most days, although it can sometimes be a little chilly, it is not unbearable. This also makes driving and transportation a lot safer.


  • Term Time


Most kids are in school during the spring, excluding the Easter holidays, making spring an ideal choice for families. Moving with kids can be difficult, particularly if they are younger, so you can make things easier by moving whilst they are in school during the day. This gives you a lot more time to sort everything out yourself.


Why you should not move in Spring:


  • Busier Times – It’s commonly thought that summer is the most popular time to move but spring definitely comes up in the ranks too. The property market is quite busy and this means you will be up against a lot more buyers when it comes to purchasing a proper and hiring a removal company.

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Why you should move in Summer:


  • No Weather Issues – There is always an unlikely chance that extreme weather conditions could occur, however, summer is the best guarantor of this not happening.


Why you should not move in Summer:


  • Popular – Summer is commonly thought of as the most popular and common time to move to a new house so things can be quite hectic during this season. The days are longer and people tend to be happier and better equipped.


  • Summer Holidays – Moving with kids can be difficult. On the other hand, if they are off school and have to move with you, it can sometimes be easier if you don’t have to worry about taking them to and from school.



Why you should move in Autumn:


  • Mild Weather – As summer ends you will find the weather starts to cool down slightly and daylight hours are usually still long until November, making autumn a good alternative if summer is too expensive.


Why you should not move in Autumn:


  • Start of New School Year – It can be a pain to move in autumn if you have children, as most terms will start in September. Especially if you plan to move your children to a new school, it could be hard for them to adjust if they are mid-way through.


Our Verdict


At the end of the day, you need to make the decision that is best for you. We would recommend moving in the quieter months and where weather is a lot less harsh, but this also has an effect on the number of properties being bought and sold, so it entirely depends on your own situation.

As long as you plan well and get organized in advanced you should have a successful move, no matter what time of year it is!

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