4 Tips for Transporting Windows Safely

4 Tips for Transporting Windows Safely

Windows are an essential part of any building. Without windows, our homes would all be dark and depressing places indeed, not to mention just getting anything done would be a nightmare.

However, as important as windows are, the fact remains that they are made mostly of glass. As great as the material is for making things seen, it can be pretty fragile, so transporting windows becomes tricky. Whether you are trying to deliver a set of flat roof windows or skylights, you should take the proper safety measures to ensure that they get to your home in one piece. Here are a couple of tips to make sure that is the case.

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#1 Prepare

Are you transporting windows made of aluminum or wood? Or maybe you’re just transporting the glass? Whatever the case, you need to prepare accordingly. Make sure you know exactly how much space you need before deciding on whether you’re taking your car or hiring a company to perform the transport for you.

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#2 Cover up the glass properly

This is especially important if you’re transporting just window glass, but always make sure that you put something sturdy at the base and cover up all your glass with paper, foil, and other materials that will make them safer.

#3 Use labels

This is particularly useful for a potential moving company you’ll hire. Marking which window goes where ahead of time can save you a lot of hassle, which minimizes the potential risks of damaging it.

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#4 Trust your moving company to provide you with additional safety measures

Many moving companies offer insurance, as well as additional tools and measures to ensure that your window gets transported perfectly safely. Even if you have to pay extra for these measures, it’s still a better alternative to losing the window.

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