Moving Your House and Searching for Storage in Glasgow

Moving Your House and Searching for Storage in Glasgow

Moving Your House and Searching for Storage. Where to start?

Moving a home is one of the most technical undertakings that you can carry out. This is because for the process to be successful, you need to take extra-precaution on many things. Apart from worrying about the transport issues, you will also need to think about where to store some of your items. A self-storage facility can be an ideal solution during such situations. However, where should you start from? Here are useful guides that can help you choose a good self-storage in Glasgow.

1. Do your research

There are many self-storage facilities in Glasgow and it will be upon you to find one that will suit your deepest needs. Spare some time of your day to research about the available facilities. Try to find out their rates and their features. In the age of the internet, getting full information about the local storage facilities isn’t a difficult task. Once you have identified the potential facilities, you can travel to their physical locations and inspect them. Another way of discovering about the existence of self-storage in Glasgow is through referrals from friends and family members.

2. Good customer care service

It won’t take you months or even weeks to know whether your prospective self-storage offers good customer care or not. Just with the first contact, you will be able to know how they treat their clients. How do they respond to your phone calls? Do they sound cheerful or rude? Does the customer care person answer all your queries? Not responding to your emails days after you have sent can be another sign of poor customer care service. A good self-storage should put the needs of its customers first.

3. Should have high levels of security

The last thing that you can think of is losing the valuables that you took to a self-storage facility. Probably it took you years to acquire them so you can’t afford to lose them in a matter of days. Before choosing a storage facility, inspect its security features. It should be well-equipped with modern security installations. They include surveillance systems, computerised or biometric access systems, proper lighting and motion detectors. 

The facility should also have traditional security systems such as a good fence, quality gates, and live guards. Apart from the security against theft, a good self-storage should also be secured against fire. It should have fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers.

4. Super clean

Do not pay unless you are sure about the cleanliness of the facility. Try to check every corner of the facility including the rooms, roofs, and ceiling. Is it dusty and does it look abandoned? A dirty self-storage will definitely end up contaminating some of your goods. Ensure that everything looks tidy and well-maintained. The staff should also be well-groomed as this is a sign of being responsible.

5. Pest-free

Although some self-storage facilities are clean, they may be harbouring some pests. Pests such as rodents can cause massive destruction to your belongings. Others can contaminate your goods hence exposing you to different diseases. Ask the management about measures that they have taken to keep away pests.

Before choosing self-storage in Glasgow, check if it meets these conditions. Once you are satisfied with it, you can organise to transfer your belongings to the facility.

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